About the Mindfulness Training Institute

The Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI) is a leading organization dedicated to offering indepth, year-long mindfulness teacher trainings. Martin and Mark are senior mindfulness meditation teachers and trainers with over 3 decades of teaching experience internationally. Established in 2012, the Mindfulness Training Institute currently has over 120 graduates / undergraduates from Europe, Asia and North America.

MTI offers mindfulness teacher trainings in Europe and North America. New training begins in U.K., September 2017. Apply here for the last remaining places. The training will be held at Sharpham Mindfulness Retreat Centre, Devon, UK.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practice has been cultivated for thousands of years. Yet in the last decade, it has experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity in education, psychology, business and health care. This is in part due to promising research in neuroscience on mindfulness and its potential to improve attention, learning and resilience as well as social studies pointing to its practical relevance for contemporary life.

We all know that high pressure work environments, the rapid pace of technology, a volatile and changing world and the demands of everyday life can be overwhelming. We need new skills to meet these changing conditions

Through mindfulness practice we can face today’s world and the challenges of our inner world with greater clarity, composure and emotional intelligence. These tools also help meet our personal life and relationships with more skill, compassion and wisdom.