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Learn Mindfulness

Learn Mindfulness

If you are new to mindfulness or an experienced practitioner looking to connect with a mindfulness teacher, the Mindfulness Training Institute can help. Our graduates are certified to guide you through a variety of mindfulness techniques that will deepen your practice and understanding of this ancient tradition. We have mindfulness facilitators in many locations around the world and some offer online guidance as well.

Whether you are a individual or business, if you want to connect with a mindfulness teacher, click here.

If you want to take a six week introduction to mindfulness course, click here.

Learn Mindfulness

Learn to Teach Mindfulness

If you are an experienced mindfulness practitioner and wish to teach mindfulness, the Mindfulness Training Institute offers yearlong mindfulness teacher training to deepen, expand, and better how you apply mindfulness in your personal and professional lives. Receive skilled, guided direction from our founders, Mark Coleman and Martin Aylward, who have over three decades of international mindfulness teaching experience.

Our teacher trainings are offered in Europe and North America in alternating years. The 2018-2019 U.S.-based Mindfulness Teacher Training begins in September in Berkeley, CA.

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Mark Coleman

About the Mindfulness Training Institute

The Mindfulness Training Institute (MTI) is a leading organization dedicated to offering in-depth, year-long mindfulness teacher trainings. Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman are senior mindfulness meditation teachers and trainers with over 3 decades of teaching experience internationally. Established in 2012, the Mindfulness Training Institute currently has over 120 graduates from Europe, Asia and North America.

To connect with a trained, skilled mindfulness teacher, click here.

To learn more about our teachers and staff, click here.

Martin Aylward