Who We Serve

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The Mindfulness Training Institute certified teachers offer a range of programs for individuals, groups and organizations. As their work expands our certified teachers are dedicated to providing mindfulness courses to vulnerable populations and to organizations working to help people, communities and the planet.

Healthcare providers

MTI certified teachers provide in-depth mindfulness classes, courses and trainings to people serving in all aspects of the medical world with practical applications to the field.

Nonprofit groups and change makers

MTI certified teachers help people in non-profits and activists working for social and environmental justice.

Business leaders and corporations

Mindfulness programs for executives that promote compassionate, mindful, visionary leadership to local and global businesses.

At-risk populations

Classes for at-risk youth, the homeless, veterans, people in recovery and other under-served populations.


Those working at all levels of education - from kindergarten to doctoral programs.

Other groups and individuals

For anyone who wishes to benefit from skilled mindfulness trainings.

Mindfulness Programs delivered to:

Looking for a mindfulness teacher?

Have you been searching for a mindfulness teacher, either for yourself or your business? A mindfulness coach to work with you one-on-one? Or a beginning mindfulnesses class? We have mindfulness teachers in many locations around the world offering their services as mindfulness guides and teachers. Click here to find one available in your area or online.

Do you want to be a mindfulness teacher?

The Mindfulness Training Institute offers professional mindfulness teacher training to those who already have their own established mindfulness practice. This unique, yearlong, mindfulness teacher training transforms your own mindfulness practice and develops mindfulness teaching skills that will enable you to teach mindfulness programs with confidence and clarity. With this training, you will receive skilled, guided direction and personalized instruction that will allow you to flourish as a mindfulness facilitator. Our mindfulness teacher trainings utilize in-person teaching intensives, online learning, individualized guidance from the teachers and learning mentors, and peer group support from a community of like-minded individuals. For more information, about the upcoming 2018-2019 Mindfulness Teacher Training based in the US, click here.